Welcome to Nectar of Life, where it’s my passion to inspire you on your journey to ecstatic living!



My name is Beverliy, and it’s my absolute passion to support you in your journey of awakening into the fullness of your sexual, spiritual and relational potential.

I wish for every body to claim the authentic power and bliss that is their birth-right, by tapping into their sacred essence, cultivating their sexual energy, expanding their awareness & experiencing a true love-affair within!

My vision is a world in which the gifts of the feminine and masculine are equally valued, where sexuality is embodied as sacred, and men and women revel in making love, not only with one another, but with life itself!

For me, this re-integration of sexuality and spirituality, in conjunction with our awakening, is both vitally needed and key to global shifts in consciousness, which are moving us to a more heart-centred existence.

Take a moment to browse my site, where you will find details of my yummy array of services:

I bring these services to you as a result of many years’ study, practice, teaching and growth – a process which is never-ending.

May your own journey be enriched by our meeting.

Wishing you love, joy and juiciness always,

Beverliy Lalyta Kaliah Devi




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