In Native American medicine tradition, the hummingbird sings a vibration of pure joy. It is said that hummingbird feathers open the heart, and that without an open and loving heart, you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life.

Hummingbird Magic

In 2006, when I was making a huge life transition, the image of the hummingbird came to me as inspiration.

I had no idea as to its significance then, and only discovered the explanatory quotation above – which I LOVE – afterwards.

But this image of the hummingbird opening hearts and tasting the nectar of life has stayed and grown with me ever since.

Nectar of Life

As I’ve journeyed into Sacred Sexuality, Kundalini Yoga, ecstatic dance and bodywork, deepening ever more into my truth and bliss, the word NECTAR has gained in meaning for me.

Nectar, or Amrita, is a word used to describe the secretions of the pituitary gland during deep meditation; a drink of the gods that grants immortality, and the liquid released by a woman during orgasmic ejaculation.

The yoni, or vagina, is also often depicted as a beautiful flower.

So in my mind, the hummingbird (with its joyful heart and phallic beak), the ripe, sensual flower of the yoni, and her life-giving sacred nectar, are all representative of my life’s path.

The more I have devoted myself to my passion for sexual and spiritual awakening the more my gifts for transmitting love and promoting transformation have blossomed.

Nectar Of Life reflects my vision for inspiring men and women to their higher sexual and relational potential, so that ultimately they may know the joy and bliss of living as one – with themselves, one another and the Divine.

Luscious Offerings

My array of services in dance, yoga, female sexuality and authentic relationship, all stem from this core dedication to love, awakening and the divine interplay of masculine and feminine.

Clients seek me out to find integration, wholeness and healing, to reconnect with their bodies and sexuality, to rediscover their zest for life and find guidance and inspiration on their journey into awareness.

An Authentic Voice

What lends my approach credibility, I believe, is that I move and speak from the experience of having lived – and continuing to live – all that I teach and speak about.

I am not a guru removed from reality or an academic in an ivory tower (though I have invested £1000’s in my training and love to learn).  I am a mother to two beautiful children.   I come from a disjointed, dysfunctional family. And my path has not been an easy one.

I’ve gotten to where I am today through a quest to make sense of my own particular experience as woman, to place my yearnings and disappointments into context, to heal wounds, connect with the Divine and move beyond a sense of lack into unapologetic aliveness, total self-expression and unity.

This, I’m glad to say, is a life-long quest.  Though my life today is richer, more fulfilling and abundant than I ever imagined, I still stumble and fall, I still get caught up in my own dramas and I still have moments of despair.

The path of Truth is not for the faint-hearted, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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