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Being Multi-Orgasmic

I really can’t recall the first time “it” happened. I certainly didn’t think anything of it. And neither did my lover. It was simply a very natural part, for both of us, of the extended, passionate love-making we both enjoyed. It was also, for me, a very natural part of moving on from a partner […]

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The Dark Side of Love

I’m really not sure how to start this blog. I’ve been living in despair for the past couple of weeks. Feeling like my chest has been ripped open. Hopeless, grief-stricken, wanting to die. Barely functioning. This is not, I imagine you thinking, what one expects of a juicy Priestess of Love, especially when you find […]

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This past week, I was interviewed by two national newspapers – The Daily Telegraph and The Sun – about the phenomenon of “Yogasms”. Unfortunately, my words were misquoted and all the vital information I gave the journalists was not included in their pieces. So here’s my actual perspective on Yogasm, in a little video for […]

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