Music, movement & magic!

It’s like visiting another land…you take meditation, dance and music to another level and dimension.”  Bayari


Discover the JOY of movement, the bliss of your aliveness, the freedom to be you, with DanceIn2U – a flowing movement journey of expression, connection and spontaneity, that will leave you inspired, transformed and at one.

Re-connect with your body, re-discover the innocence & playfulness of your inner child, unleash your creativity & listen to the stories your body has to tell.

With DanceIn2U, you will cultivate a sense of love and integration with all of you.

What is it?

DanceIn2U is my own movement practice, which has evolved organically following my 12 years as a Nia Technique practitioner, Kundalini Yoga teacher, tantrika and bodyworker.


Each class is a spontaneous creation, which unfolds magically as I tune into the needs of the group and ask for guidance from Source.

I skillfully weave music, movement and body-awareness exercises, freeform and structured dance together to create an experience that will move you from the inside out.

We will laugh, maybe cry, we will play, sound, express, regress (!), move alone, in pairs, as a group.

There can be no set agenda, since each one of you will arrive with a unique sense of what is alive for you in that moment.  And even that will change.

I am known for my warmth, humour and playfulness, sensitivity to the group and ability to weave and bring together all the elements in the space with love and intuition.

Key to each class is the play-list, which I love creating.  Music is an eternal passion of mine, and I love to bring together a truly eclectic mix of sounds to inspire you.

From time to time, I also collaborate with the incredible light-beings and masters of mantra, Illumina to bring you TANTRA MANTRA DANCE: a blend of live mantra music, TANTRA + DanceIn2U.

Dancing the Goddess


one of the most femininely connected experiences I have ever had

A natural evolution out of my love of teaching dance and my passion for embodiment of the Divine Feminine, creating sisterhood circles and supporting women in their Awakening, Dancing the Goddess is a monthly woman-only workshop that blends beautiful music, with freeform dance and my holding in the role of Priestess to invoke the Goddess and bring her Shakti spirit alive in you.  These are powerful, profound gatherings in which magic happens.

Our next events are:

Friday, January 13th, 2017 – check back soon for details and registration.


Who is it for?

Every Body!

You don’t need to be a dancer, you don’t need to be young, you don’t need to be especially fit.

DanceIn2U is about moving in the truth of who YOU are and deepening into more of that, so you really can’t get it wrong.  Now isn’t that refreshing?

Besides running monthly DanceIn2U sessions in North London, I have also offered classes and workshops for spa retreats, fitness centres, holistic holiday programmes, charities, Universities and festivals.

I have taught teens, adults, pensioners, cancer patients, men, women and addicts in recovery, so I feel confident in being able to adapt each session and empower you to make choices in discovering YOUR way.

Praise for DanceIn2U

this class has really changed my life.” Sophie

you have given me the confidence to find freedom and and add a new dimension to my life.” Mary

“Thank you Beverliy for a wonderful, vibrant afternoon of dancing and joy. I felt totally free to express myself and enjoyed the fun and energy that you brought. Xx” Katherine Holden

Read more feedback

Thank you for giving me the confidence of moving within my body again. The journey was amazing.” Alisa

“It’s like visiting another land…you take meditation, dance and music to another level and dimension. All loved up now and feeling yummy and connected – big love to you and all the other amazing people there. X” Louise Beegan (Bayari)

 It’s such a gift to be able to transmit the magic of music and movement in a co-creative way. Thank you for your work Beverliy. xx” Melodious Harmony

 “LOVED IT!!! thanks beautiful Beverliy Lalyta for holding such a playful magnificent harmonious loving space of moving, shaking shimmying, sounding, shrieking – and to all the wondrous vibrant dancers who shared the ride – yes more please!!!”  Katie Rose

you have given me a joy that has carried me through some dull, dark and sad times.”  Elizabeth

 “Thank you Beverliy Lalyta for creating such a wonderful space this afternoon, full of so many experiences & wonderful people. I LOVED it!” Mary Hill

 “Still blissed out from such a heart-opening afternoon. Thank you lovely Beverliy Lalyta Kaliah Devi x”  Wendy Green

 “the session helped me so much, it was beautiful to share with you all”  Veetmaya

A wonderful blissful class, which touched my soul as well as my heart. June

Ready to DanceIn2U?

My next DanceIn2U event brings together my love of facilitating dance and blissful embodiment with my love of the Divine Feminine, as we will be Dancing the Goddess.  This is a women only event, taking place on Friday, November 11th, 7-9.30pm at Synchronicity Studios, Clapham North.

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Fancy a bit of DanceIn2U Magic at your festival, event or retreat?  Then get in touch to discuss your needs.  I’d love to hear from you.

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