In Bed With Bev

In Bed with Bev was born out of a late-night, sleepy-headed brainstorming session with a dear soul-sister in the late summer of 2014.

“What do you really love?  And what would you really love to do?” she asked me.

“Well, I would just LOVE  to have my own TV show in which I interview experts about LOVE, SEX & RELATIONSHIP” I said.

Talking on camera about my 3 favourite topics ever  = my idea of HEAVEN !!!

And, miraculously, just a few weeks later, the first episode of In Bed with Bev (or IBWB for short) had been filmed!!!

The Vision

My vision was to create a public forum in which I could share my PASSION for conscious SEX and RELATING, bringing my own unique, love-ing, playful, flirty and fun twist to it.

To shift perceptions of sex from something shameful, hidden or separate to being a central and sacred aspect of life to be embraced and celebrated.

And, at the same time, to bring in a light touch – in both senses of the word: offering content of real value and inspiration without getting too heavy AND including overt reference to the Divine without any hint of schmaltz or holier than thou-ness.

This is not about salacious titillation, but living, loving and relating with awareness, truth and authenticity.


The Format

And so, with the help of another amazing friend, Rowland O’ Connor, who has been an incredible camera-man, producer & editor, the programme title and outline was hatched:

IN BED WITH BEV, featuring

* ASK THE KIDS (my kids), who are SO switched on – I want to share their pure, clear wisdom with the world!

* CONSCIOUS TIP OF THE DAY – an inspiring thought, a practical technique, an easily digested dose of mindful-luscious living

* UNDER THE COVERS – a saucy, spicy, sex tip

* JUICY SPECIAL GUEST INTERVIEW with an expert on sex, love or relationship, and last, but not least…

POSITION OF THE DAY – yes, let’s celebrate all the amazing ways we can make love!

To-date, without any training in media production whatsoever, we’ve created 4 episodes using just an i-phone and my Mac.  Which, I believe, is A-MAZ-ING!!!

And through my work in the field of spirituality, sexuality and relating, I am connected to a vast network of incredible people I just can’t wait to get into bed with !

My vision is to get funding as soon as possible and/or to take this from an amateur youtube show to a regular TV event.

Bringing love, light, consciousness and a celebration of sexuality and authentic relating to the mainstream.



To watch any of the shows, visit my youtube channel at:


If you have ideas, support or tips to offer, want to be on the show, or are a TV/production company excited about taking this concept out into the world, then do get in touch!


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