Private Tuition

Personalised, professional, transformative

Alongside my Kundalini Yoga open classes and workshops, I have been offering private tuition to men and women in and around North London since 2010.

What I love about these classes is that I get to devise a completely personalised class, or series of sessions, that address your specific needs and issues.

For me, Kundalini Yoga is much like a healing apothecary.  Clients come to me and state their ‘ailment’ or goal, and then I can pick the perfect combination of pranayama (breathing practice), mantra (sacred words and sounds), meditations and kriya (sequences of yogic postures) to address the need or intention.

Although in reality, no issue is ever unconnected to the whole body-mind-sprit-emotions complex, clients might come to me with one particular concern uppermost, for example:

  • I want a more flexible spine
  • I want to balance my reproductive hormones
  • I want to de-stress
  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to cultivate my sexual energy
  • I need to still my mind
  • I want a stronger core
  • I’d like to connect more with my Divine Feminine
  • I’d like to open my heart
  • I’d like to balance my throat chakra
  • I want to feel more focussed and productive at work
  • I want to combat mild depression
  • I want to deepen my spiritual practice

and I can then recommend a programme right for them.

Who is it for?

Clients are sometimes concerned that lack of fitness, previous experience or age might be a barrier.  Not at all.

Kundalini Yoga can be adapted for anyone.  It is a yoga of awareness, and whilst you will definitely build your strength and flexibility with regular practice (my body is stronger, fitter & leaner than ever before!), the emphasis is not upon contorting yourself into impossible postures, but rather building and moving energy.

One-to-one or a customised group class

Most of my private tuition is one-to-one, but I also meet the needs of small groups of people who wish to contract me to teach a regular class at a time and location convenient for them.


I teach in Crouch End, London, N8, as well as in East Barnet, E14, and will also visit you for an additional fee.  See below for full pricing details.


Kundalini Yoga Private Tuition Costs

Ad hoc bookings:

  • £60 per hour
  • £80 per 1.5 hours
  • £90 for 2 hours

Advance payment for 5 sessions is:

  • £250(5x 1hr)
  • £345 (5x 1.5 hrs)
  • £375 (5x 2 hrs)

Note: This is for services in Crouch End, N8 and refers to actual contact or tuition time.

Additional charges may apply if I travel to teach you in your home.

Please allow an additional 10-15 minutes for our consultation and your time to change and assimilate before leaving.


Here’s what one private yoga client has to say:

I met Beverliy during a full day of meditation workshop, which she was running and this was for me a turning point in deepening my ability to tune into my inner ressources. Following the meditation day, I had private sessions of Kundalini Yoga, which Beverliy adapted to my specific needs and requirements – the sessions were gentle, relaxing, fun and enriching. By essentially teaching me to breathe, Beverliy helped me reach a level of energy that I didn’t expect existed in me – particularly at a moment in my life when I felt an intense degree of tiredness. A key point for me is that Beverliy didn’t put pressure nor impose a discipline – which would have put me off – but instead encouraged me to trust and respect my inner rythm and energy. Today, less than a year after the initial meditation workshop, I make regular use of Beverliy’s teachings, and I am deeply grateful for this immense resource. Thank you, C.

Get in touch

Questions?  Get in touch using the form below.  I’d love to hear from you!

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