One-to-One Sessions

Are you seeking self-understanding, personal growth, healing, integration and insight in the realm of love, sex and relationship?

Are you tired of repeating the same old patterns and heart-aches?

Are you longing for more that just a bog-standard relationship or sex-life?

Does your soul just know there is more, way more, that you could be experiencing?

Does something keep getting in the way of you fully opening to love or pleasure?

Do you long to integrate your sexuality with your spirituality fully – as one and the same?

Are you hungry to grow and become the fullest, highest expression of your self you can be?

Then I’m here to support you on your quest.

I’ve always been fascinated by love, sex and relationship, but it was when my second marriage came to a crashing halt in 2006, that I really began to explore things consciously.

I’ve since devoted my life to becoming aware of my patterns, healing my wounds and learning as much as I possibly can about love, sacred sexuality and authentic relating.

It’s been a full-on intensive, in which I’ve combined multiple training courses and self-study with the lived experience of many forms of relationship and sexual experience.

And this has brought me to a point where I am a Priestess of Love & Sacred Sexuality, a trained facilitator in sexual awakening for women and a teacher of authentic relationship.

Today, I regard any relationship as a reflection of my inner being, with the potential to act as a catalyst for mutual transformation.  This applies especially to romantic/sexual relationships, since it is here that our deepest wounds and patterns usually surface.

I am skilled at holding a loving, intuitive space, acting as a mirror, guide and catalyst for you to open to your full sexual, spiritual and relational potential.

This might include:

  • uncovering blocks to opening your heart or sexuality
  • illuminating common relationship patterns
  • hunting your shadow in love, sex and relationship
  • supporting you in releasing limiting beliefs and behaviours
  • reconnecting you with your body, heart and sexual energy
  • teaching you how to access and open your energetic gateways
  • connecting you with your sexuality and sexual energy as sacred
  • teaching you techniques for conscious love-making & authentic relating

and more.

What clients typically discover, is that in connecting consciously with their sexuality and relationships, every aspect of their life opens to greater bliss, truth, joy and flow.

I work with people in 3 ways:

  • via email (£20 per question)
  • on Skype (£80 per hour)
  • in person (£100 per hour)

Making my guidance accessible to you wherever you are and at different price-points.

To get the conversation started and enquire about my coaching, simply drop me a line via the contact box below or give me a call on: 0797 9934070.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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