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The Urge to Merge

I’ve never been one to fuck and forget.  For me, with a few exceptions, sex leads to attachment. I think about the man, I want to see him again, I want more sex with him – and soon! This was something I never really thought about in my early adult life, since sex and relationship […]

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Being Complete

I’ve spent over half my life believing I’m not enough. Not pretty, clever, leggy, busty, successful, wealthy, slim… (the list goes on)… enough. Brought up at a time when society was dominated by the patriarchal paradigm, with hyper-critical parents who modeled the worst of that paradigm for me, I had absolutely no sense of my […]

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The Hidden Agendas of Our Little Girl

Not so long ago, I wrote a blog entitled “Is your Junior Male running the show?”.  Well, today one aspect of his counterpart gets a turn, as we enquire into the role your little girl plays in your identity and relationships. For those of you not familiar with my work, let me be clear that […]

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Recipe for a Juicier Life

So often when I’m speaking with clients or doing my research, women tell me they are drawn to me because of my vital, positive energy. “I want what you’ve got!” they tell me. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can have what I’ve got – and more besides, because there’s plenty for everyone […]

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Is Your Junior Male Running the Show?

In my Find Your Man coaching, a clear pattern has emerged recently of the junior male running the show. Now, lest this confuses you, let me confirm that my Find Your Man coaching is for women. And, yes, both women and men have an inner masculine and feminine aspect. My coaching focuses on how the inner […]

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Creating Self-Love

There’s a fire in my heart at the moment; I’m burning to talk about self-love. In my coaching and research, I’m repeatedly being confronted with one simple fact: the majority of women I encounter do not love themselves. They may be talented, successful, beautiful, popular and appear to be carrying on a happy existence. But, […]

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Work Hard, Pray Hard

When I was younger, the motto at my junior school was “Work Hard, Play Hard!”. Though this didn’t impress me at the time, I guess it lodged itself in my psyche, since now – some 40 odd years later – the phrase still rattles round my mind as a self-motivational truism. It’s popped up again […]

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A Question of Life and Death

I am blessed to work with cancer patients. Every few weeks, I get to give loving touch and connect with the hearts and souls of women who have confronted death. Many of them are “survivors”, a handful are terminally ill, but all have had to look their mortality squarely in the eye in a way […]

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