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Feeling my father’s pain

On a recent course on Authentic Relationship, I was gifted two meditations to practice for 40 days, which both have the effect of healing the wounds of the heart. This comes at the tail-end of almost a year in which I have been doing two meditations in parallel: one to embody the Divine Feminine, the […]

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Unavailable Man

How many women do you know who are attracted to or complaining about Unavailable Man? Are you one of them? It’s been a growing theme that’s popped up in my Juicy Woman workshops and women’s research lately, where women have either: • been in relationship with a man who was super keen, but then buggered […]

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Being Complete

I’ve spent over half my life believing I’m not enough. Not pretty, clever, leggy, busty, successful, wealthy, slim… (the list goes on)… enough. Brought up at a time when society was dominated by the patriarchal paradigm, with hyper-critical parents who modeled the worst of that paradigm for me, I had absolutely no sense of my […]

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Is Your Junior Male Running the Show?

In my Find Your Man coaching, a clear pattern has emerged recently of the junior male running the show. Now, lest this confuses you, let me confirm that my Find Your Man coaching is for women. And, yes, both women and men have an inner masculine and feminine aspect. My coaching focuses on how the inner […]

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