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Being Multi-Orgasmic

I really can’t recall the first time “it” happened. I certainly didn’t think anything of it. And neither did my lover. It was simply a very natural part, for both of us, of the extended, passionate love-making we both enjoyed. It was also, for me, a very natural part of moving on from a partner […]

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Sexual energy does not mean sex!

Our culture has lost the understanding that sexual energy is the physical expression of our spiritual power. Margot Anand This summer I had the pleasure of teaching, once again, at the brilliant One World Summer Festival. I’ve been teaching there for 7 years, on and off, but this was the first time I delivered Juicy […]

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Sex-Positive Parenting

Have you ever thought about where your attitudes towards your body, sex and sexuality come from? Do you have feelings of shame around aspects of your body or sexuality? Are you able to fully give and receive sexual – or even just bodily – pleasure? Do you find yourself judging or fearing others for the […]

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