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Being Multi-Orgasmic

I really can’t recall the first time “it” happened. I certainly didn’t think anything of it. And neither did my lover. It was simply a very natural part, for both of us, of the extended, passionate love-making we both enjoyed. It was also, for me, a very natural part of moving on from a partner […]

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Landing Gently – Dealing with post-tantra blues

So, you’ve just been to a tantra workshop, which blew your mind, opened your heart, introduced you to ecstatic sensations you didn’t know were possible and left you merrily skipping down the road home blasting smoochy-eyed love-beams to every stranger on the street. And now, a day or two later, you’re having feelings of sadness, […]

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The Tantric Dance

You will be balanced only when you accept the other as yourself. You are half man, half woman. Know yourself in your entirety and you will know the other with compassion, with love and with a deep acceptance. Osho In my last blog, Recognise that the other is you, I talked about how we are […]

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Desiring Women

Ok, so I’ve got to come clean, get it off my chest, spit it out, unburden myself, empty the closet……. Here goes….. I find other women physically and sexually attractive, and I enjoy sexual fantasies about making love with women. Phew! Now, does that make you feel better? Yes you, not me, you. You don’t […]

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The Urge to Merge

I’ve never been one to fuck and forget.  For me, with a few exceptions, sex leads to attachment. I think about the man, I want to see him again, I want more sex with him – and soon! This was something I never really thought about in my early adult life, since sex and relationship […]

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Being Complete

I’ve spent over half my life believing I’m not enough. Not pretty, clever, leggy, busty, successful, wealthy, slim… (the list goes on)… enough. Brought up at a time when society was dominated by the patriarchal paradigm, with hyper-critical parents who modeled the worst of that paradigm for me, I had absolutely no sense of my […]

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